Thursday, February 9, 2012

IGH Patch and Tomorrow Night

Hi All,

Brief update to tell you two things.

1. An interview I did with Inver Grove Heights Patch was published today: Click Here To Read  My favorite part of that article, by FAR, is the comment section! I've definitely never been told that my problem is that I look like I'm 40. Nor have I ever been told that I should go hang out at the gun range if I want to meet eligible men. Ahhh, Minnesota.

2. Number Four, AKA Chance McGovern, contacted me on Tuesday. Only two days after our first date. And he wants to see me again, which I'm just thrilled about. So we're getting together again tomorrow night. And I'm excited!


  1. You do not look like you're 35-40. Get in shape and modernize your look to the times? Seriously? Shelley's crazy, except for the part about hanging around gun ranges. Do it. You know you want to.
    P.S. Jim's a keeper.

  2. Yeah I agree with that, you don't look like 40 at all, to make you feel a bit better I think you should go to a place and make a bit of makeover just for feeling confident and secured but really not too much adjustments. Maybe just a change on the hair and see what color or type of dress you'll be wearing that will fit your profile. Dating for a more long term and stable relationship is exciting but also needing to take chance and that first step and having confidence in yourself. If you want some more tips well maybe try reading more about these stuff about dating.