Sunday, March 4, 2012

28 Days Later

Goodness, I haven't updated in a LONG time! My apologies. I've thought of it a few times, but the internet at my apartment has been spotty lately, and it seems like every time I want to update I'm not able to get online. I should get that fixed.

Things with Chance are still going very well. Tomorrow will be one month since our first date. We hung out for most of the day today and went to see "The Artist," which was quite good (not surprising, of course, given all of the awards it won). He's incredibly sweet. It seems like every time I feel like I've said something stupid or screwed things up in some way, he responds in the absolute perfect way. Like last night, I had a really awful headache - verging on a migraine - and couldn't really do anything but lie in the dark and try not to move. And instead of feeling like he was wasting his time (which I might have in his shoes) or just leaving and checking in on my later, he got me an ice pack for my head, turned off all of my lights, and laid next to me. Like, seriously, he's amazing.

No, we are not officially a couple yet. That's in his hands. He knows that I want to be and, while I understand his point of view and I certainly am not trying to pressure him, I'm a little frustrated because I don't feel like anything would change. I guess I'm not sure what's stopping him from making this "official." Neither of us are dating other people or want to be, we see each other two or three times a week, and he texts or calls me almost every day on his own accord. How would anything be different if we were in a relationship? It WOULDN'T be. The only difference is that I could introduce him to people as my boyfriend instead of awkwardly being like "This is, umm, Chance..."

Meh. Whatever. Really, this is a very minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things and I'm trying very hard not to pressure him in any way. Which is hard for me, because I'm a pretty assertive person, as you all know...But I'm trying to chill out for once!

Very busy week coming up. I'll try and update again in a few days (I have a few things I want to post about but wasn't able to while my internet was down) but I make no promises! We'll see how much time I have...