Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Date Number Three

On Sunday night, I went on date number three. Now let me be clear: Date number three was actually supposed to be date number four, but number three dropped off the face of the planet, so number four became number three. Did that just make things LESS clear? Probably. Moving on.

Three and I have a mutual friend, who I used to work with and thus know fairly well, but who Three doesn't know well at all. Even though their friendship isn't very close, said mutual friend knew from the get-go that Three and I wouldn't be terribly compatible. She told me that he is very, very nice, but not someone that she would think to set me up with. And her instinct turned out to be right on!

Three and I met for a late dinner and I could tell right away that he was in fact very, very nice. A little TOO nice for me, actually. It's not that I'm NOT nice, but I have a pretty sarcastic and bitter sense of humor and I didn't feel like Three would appreciate that. He was just SO nice.

He was also SO quiet. I am an introvert myself, so I definitely understand that he might have felt shy or nervous. Usually in social situations, I have to bump my B up a bit (predictive index FTW) to pretend to be a little more outgoing. In this situation, he was SO quiet that I felt like I had to lead every single conversation, and fill every single moment, or else we may have just sat in awkward silence the entire time. I am easily exhausted by feeling the need to be so extroverted!

All that aside, it really comes down to the fact that Three and I don't have much in common at all. We have very different interests, we lead very different lives, we have very different personalities. So, you know...It was a bit awkward.

Three, I hope you aren't reading this and thinking that I disliked you. Like I said, you are an insanely nice person and you seem like you would be a good friend. Thank you for the dinner!

I have more to say about just kind of general stuff, but I'll save that for another post... It's late, and I need to dedicate the next 34 minutes to trying to win Eric Hutchinson tickets before the contest closes. (Yes, Folks, this is what I do with my free time.)


  1. a,ways enjoy reading! If #3 is reading, i hope he does know that plenty of girls are looking for just that kind of nice guy.

    keep doing your thing, Jules.

  2. That sometimes can be an issue with the blind dates. Hopefully you find someone that is compatible with you and they feel the same. Good luck on all life's adventures. I enjoy reading the blog you have going.